Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chapter Four - Wimbledon

They drink coffee in a coffee shop called Joe's, but the man who serves their coffee isn't called Joe, because his name badge says he's called Peter.

'It'd be easier if we all had to wear name badges' Frank says to Lorrie,
'Living, it'd be easier'

'Easier how?' Lorrie asks

'Easier because I'd have a reason to grab someone's attention instantly' He replies
'Look, if I keep shouting Peter, that guy has to come over, right'

Peter doesn't come over, instead he thinks about how much he hates it when customers use his name because they've seen it spelled out on his name-badge. He finds it intrusive. Kinda rude. In such instances as this Peter thinks about how nice it must be to have the kind of job where hearing your name shouted out inspires feelings of self-worth and confidence. The kind of job where people don't just shout out your name in pure admiration, but the kind of job where you get the prefix of 'Go!' added to your name. 'Go Peter!' 'Go Peter!' That would be awesome he thinks, and he imagines applause.

'Cock!' Lorrie shouts, and Peter looks over, not because he is one, but because it's at least better than hearing his name called out by some customer who's taken the liberty of taking the meaning of his name, the name chosen by his doting mother at the time of his birth, to mean something along the lines of, slave.

Lorrie waves at Peter, and Peter shrugs, thinking: I do not understand why I am here to serve you.

Lorrie and Frank sit by the window of the coffee shop and watch the day progress around them.
Peter asks if they would like anything else, because as they watch the day progress, they run out of coffee pretty quickly, and customers aren't supposed to sit in the coffee shop if they are not profiting the coffee shop.

'Sit down and join us' Lorrie says to Peter

'I'm not supposed to do that' Peter says

'Ahhhh Go on Peter!' Lorrie says 'If your boss comes along we'll say we asked you to sit with us, which is true anyway, and believe me, I can't lie, not any more'

'It's true' Frank says, 'She can't lie, she told me so, and I believe her because I have this gut instinct which tells me so, and you can't beat your gut'

'Do me a favour' Peter says

'Anything' Lorrie and Frank chime.

'Shout Go Peter! with absolute conviction that I served you the best damn coffee of your life. If you do that, then I'll sit with you'

'Go Peter! Go Peter! Go Peter!'

They sing it (with supreme conviction). Beating the wooden table where they sit as they do. Lorrie waving her sunglasses in the air like a well to do fan at Wimbledon. Frank resembling a chuffed ball-boy at Wimbledon who's just claimed the ball from the winning ace of the men's final as his own.
But this isn't Wimbledon, this is Joe's Coffee Shop.
But Peter's elated as he runs loops around the independent (but not very pretty coffee shop) where it is he earns minimum wage.
He's punching the air. He's picking up a can of lemonade from the fridge. He's shaking it up and he's pulling open the ring-pull to be met by a mess of carbonation and fizz that goes all over his face, but he loves lemonade, and in this moment, Peter loves his job too.

Go Peter!

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